Brief Encounter, Milwaukee edition

“Are you happy?” he asks.

I smile and vocalize something between “mmhmm” and clearing my throat in an octave not quite human. I am banking on him not knowing me well enough to press it. He doesn’t. He just keeps staring.

“You know how it is,” I finally manage to stammer after the silence has already crept past uncomfortable.

He nods.

“Things are still a little chaotic here,” I say, trying to keep my voice cool.  

“Yes,” he says. “Good to see you.”

I half turn as he walks back to his table. I catch myself from turning all the way, but I can see her dress in my periphery. I can see that she’s looking at me. He avoids walking by me again on his way out.


About planecrush

I am a freelance theatre director and world traveler based in Milwaukee, USA. I am passionate and slightly irrational about the following: classic literature, film, and theatre; travel, aviation, wine, shoes, fascinating people and places, beauty, art, my dogs, and peanut butter.
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  1. parmanifesto says:

    That comment has multiple meanings. Choose whichever you like and change at will.

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